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Volume 6, 2008


K. Chutkowski, A. Olszewski - The problem of the genesis and relief of glacial basins: the case of the Ugoszcz-Żałe area, the Dobrzyń Moraine Plateau | Full paper in PDF

E. Gorczyca - The geomorphological effectiveness of extreme meteorological phenomena on flysch slopes | Full paper in PDF

H. Grobelska - Above-water accumulative forms within the shore zone of the reservoir showing significant seasonal water level fluctuations based on the Pakoski reservoir | Full paper in PDF

P. Pieńkowski - Distribution of small, water-filled depressions as a component of the analysis of icesheet retreat dynamics in young glacial areas | Full paper in PDF

A. A. Shchetnikov - Geomorphology of the Tunka rift (South-west Pribaikalye) | Full paper in PDF

A. Shchetnikov, V. Kochetkov, Y. Radziminovich - Lakes of the Amut depression (Northern Pribaikalye) | Full paper in PDF

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