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Volume 4, 2003


Editorial | Full paper in PDF

R. Żurawek - The problem of the identification of relict rock glaciers on sedimentological evidence | Full paper in PDF

J. Superson, P. Zagórski - The development of periglacial sedimentation in the Wolica Valley (SE Poland) during the Weichselian Upper Pleniglacial | Full paper in PDF

M. Górska - The petrography of glacial sediments in Uckermark, NE Brandenburg - a preliminary study | Full paper in PDF

P. Gierszewski, J. Rodzik - Water erosion and supply of material for fluvial transport under episodic surface flow conditions in the semi-arid zone on Boa Vista (Cabo Verde) | Full paper in PDF

K. Krzemień - The Czarny Dunajec River, Poland, as an example of human-induced development tendencies in a mountain river channel | Full paper in PDF

P. Zieliński - The depositional conditions of longitudinal dunes based on investigations in the western part of the Lublin Upland, SE Poland | Full paper in PDF

D. Brykała, P. Gębica, P. Gierszewski - Geomorphological effects of the catastrophic drainage of artificial reservoir in the Młynówka Valley at Górowo Iławeckie, Poland | Full paper in PDF

Sz. Uścinowicz, G. Miotk-Szpiganowicz - Holocene shoreline migrations in the Puck Lagoon (Southern Baltic Sea) based on the Rzucewo Headland case study | Full paper in PDF

G. T. Vieira, E. Mycielska-Dowgiałło, B. Woronko - Sedimentological analysis of sandy-gravel accumulations, Serra da Estrela plateaux (Portugal) | Full paper in PDF

Z. Macka - Structural control on drainage network orientation - an example from the Loucka drainage basin. SE margin of the Bohemian Massif (S Moravia, Czech Rep.) | Full paper in PDF

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