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Volume 3, 2002


Editorial | Full paper in PDF

G. I. Ovchinnikov, Y. S. Maksimishina - The importance of geological-geomorphological factors in the development of abrasion processes on the coasts of the Bratsk Reservoir, in the SE part of Russia | Full paper in PDF

T. Brzezińska-Wójcik - The dependence of relief on tectonics in the South-West Escarpment Zone of Tomaszowskie Roztocze (SE Poland) | Full paper in PDF

E. Smolska - The intensity of soil erosion in agricultural areas in North-Eastern Poland | Full paper in PDF

D. R. Butler - The environmental impact of crayfish biopedoturbation on a floodplain: Roanoke River, North Carolina Coastal Plain, U.S.A. | Full paper in PDF

A. Greskova - The application of the Geographic Information System and remote sensing in identification of the flooded and waterlogged areas | Full paper in PDF

T. Szczypek, V. A. Snytko - The granulometric properties of contemporary aeolian sands in a taiga-steppe area of Eastern Siberia | Full paper in PDF

Z. Klajnert - The distinctive shapes of some kame ridges in the Łódź region of Central Poland | Full paper in PDF

M. Bil - The identification of neotectonics based on changes of valley floor width | Full paper in PDF

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