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Volume 2, 1998


Editorial | Full paper in PDF

D. M. Hooper - Cinder movement experiments on scoria cones slopes: Rates and direction of transport | Full paper in PDF

H. Klatkowa - Morphological and geological evidence for glaciotectonics in the area of the Saalian Glaciation, with special reference to Middle Poland | Full paper in PDF

C. Bisci, S. Ciccacci, F. Dramis, B. Gentili, A. Kotarba - The extent of Pleistocene glaciations in the western part of the Campo Imperatore (Gran Sasso Massif, Central Italy) | Full paper in PDF

D.R. Butler, G.P. Malanson - Site locations and characteristics of miniature patterned ground, eastern Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.A. | Full paper in PDF

A. Olszewski, P. Weckwerth - Morphostructural zones of the Mýrdalsjökull ice cap and its main outlet glacier the Höfdabrekkujökull, Iceland | Full paper in PDF

A. Olszewski, P. Weckwerth - The deformational structures of the deposits on the Höfdabrekkujökull forefield, Mýrdalsjökull, Iceland | Full paper in PDF

G.F. Ufimtsev, A.I. Chestnov - The north-eastern boundary of the Baikal rift zone | Full paper in PDF

The IV Congress of Polish Geomorphologists, Lublin 3 -6 June 1998

Obituary - Professor Halina Klatkowa

Obituary - Professor Jan Trembaczowski

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